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Joining Together as the New Allan Myers and Celebrating 75 Years

Joining Together as the New Allan Myers and Celebrating 75 Years

For 75 years, Allan Myers has built the infrastructure that serves as the backbone to the Mid-Atlantic. Allan Myers is the largest civil construction and materials company in the Mid-Atlantic with 7 regional offices, 15 plants, a workforce of over 2,000 hard working men and women, its own extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment. There is no job they cannot tackle.This third generation family owned business was once three separate brands; Allan A. Myers, American Infrastructure, and Independence Construction Materials. They are now unified under one name – Allan Myers. Together they are bigger and stronger, ready to march forward with an insatiable ethic and unmatched determination.

The Situation

  • Joining all companies under a single brand and name, creating the largest civil construction & materials company in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Celebration of 75 years of business, 3 generations of Myers ownership.

Client Needs

  • Engaging and intimate experience for 1500 guests consisting of employees & spouses, friends and clients of the organization.
  • Celebratory and fun environment highlighting organizational accomplishments and 75 years of hard work by the Allan Myers employees.
  • Support of live band and entertainment.
  • Seamless video, audio, lighting, presentation support.

The IMS Solution

  • Trusted advisor for staging, presentation concept and timeline development.
  • To-scale CAD & 3D Renderings to prove event concepts: Rig plot, Theatre-in-the-round set, 1500 attendees at rounds with appropriate egress, fitting multiple pieces of heavy machinery into main ballroom in accordance with venue code, flow from registration to dinner to live entertainment area.
  • 3 separately controlled audio, video and lighting systems.
    1. Registration and Cocktail Reception: Welcoming and directional digital signage, audio for background music and public address in bi-level venue.
    2. Dinner & Remarks: Theatre-in-the-Round presentation format, 16’x16’x2’ stage, 4 9’x16’ screens in square grid rig above the stage, delay monitors for VIP tables at base of stage, LED, intelligent lighting, IMAG and ISO/Program record.
    3. Live Entertainment & Fun: Audio, lighting support for live 6 piece band, guest performance by Chairman’s Granddaughter.
  • Live IMAG from 2 JVC HD cameras, 2 PZM robo-cams, 1 wireless roving camera.
  • Developed opening walk in video summarizing 75 years Allan Myers projects, exemplary employees and organizational accomplishments as well as historical occurrences by chronological time period.
  • Assisted in developing event timeline. Developed and managed Production Timeline.


IMS was recognized for helping Allan Myers create an impactful celebration of 75 years of hard work. It was a celebration that attendees will always remember.

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