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World Congress of Biomechanics

World Congress of Biomechanics

The Situation

Over 4,100 attendees met in Boston, MA at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center from July 6-11, 2014 for the 7th World Congress of Biomechanics. This would mark the first time the Congress was held in the United States in over two decades and was the largest biomechanics conference to ever be held in the US. Participants from 58 countries converged to discuss the latest advances in biomechanics measurement, modeling, and medical devices. There were over 16 plenary lectures and 440 podium sessions held over the 5 days. The Congress also included workshops, tutorials, roundtables, association meetings, over 60 booth and table-top exhibitors, and an awards banquet that seated over 3,000 attendees.

The Goal

The overall goal was to assist the event planning and management team at Practical Productions, LLC. in executing a flawless and stress free production. With up to 20 concurrent sessions at any given time, in addition to the plenary sessions and awards banquet, it was essential to keep the flow of the event moving with pre-set breakouts, quick turnaround, and ample technical assistance and room coverage to ensure no downtime due to AV.

The IMS Solution

Pre-planning began in January with designation of an Account Manager, Production Manager, Technical Director and Breakout Supervisor to oversee all logistics of the event both in advance and on-site. IMS provided a clear vision of the timeline of events, as well as room coverage and equipment cataloguing for each room, with ample backup equipment for pop-up sessions.

  • Six 10k Lumen projectors were provided for the Plenary Sessions
  • More than 20 3500 Lumen Projectors provided for Breakouts
  • A dual screen (4) 14k Lumen Projector display and 80” HD LED Monitor were provided for the Awards Banquet to ensure visibility by all 3,000 attendees, along with a full JBL Line Array with Subwoofers.


Feedback from the Practical Productions team was very complimentary regarding the professionalism, flow of information, and seamless process of the production. From Practical Productions: “The meetings leading up to the event are fantastic and help keep everything on target. The team has long patience for accommodating all of the changes required when we work by "committee"…. (IMS was) spot on with communication, always available, professional and simply awesome to work with! I'm looking forward to when we can work on another event again!

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