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IMS Concierge Services

Solutions to Engage and Immerse Your Audience


Event Content and Speaker Management

The IMS Content Concierge is a single tool that will help you efficiently manage all of your event content before, during, and after your event. Our system helps you easily collect presentations and distribute to multiple locations, and allows your content to live beyond the session screen on digital signage, social media, or a digital archive.

Our speaker management services will help manage all of your session speakers in one place, and even provide remote contingency plans for a speaker who can’t travel due to a last-minute emergency.

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Audience Engagement Solutions

IMS collaborates, aligns, and measures innovative solutions for successful live meeting engagement. Engagement doesn’t just start when attendees arrive at the event - it begins with the very first communication to the audience and carries all the way through to post-meeting activities.

Our technology-driven solutions help you build engagement from the registration process and creating personal agendas, through content development, social networking, live Q&A sessions, an audience response system, and post-session reviews.


Gamification is a powerful way to influence attendee behavior and action at meetings and events, because people naturally enjoy play and competition. Tapping into those instincts to reinforce learning, increase engagement, facilitate networking, solve challenges, or promote team-building is a critical part of an overall engagement strategy.

From session quizzes with leaderboards and interactive workshops, to team competitions using QR codes, assessments, and knowledge checks, we can help you design relevant games that will increase engagement, boost networking, and provide GDPR-ready lead capture.

Gamification for Meetings and Events
Taking Events Further

The WOW Factor


Event Staging and Production Services


From small training seminars to large-venue productions, effective sound is critical to delivering your message and our trained technicians will provide the clearest and cleanest audio in the industry.


Our video experts create the brightest and sharpest detail for presentations, projection, playback, video productions, mappings, blends, live event recordings, and more using state-of-the-art equipment.


From simple speaker illumination to orchestrated light shows, IMS has the design experience and technical capability to sculpt your set, create excitement and mood, and deliver brilliantly.

Scenic Design
Scenic Design

When it comes to set design and staging, we provide imagination and the “reality for your creativity.” We design and create the pieces you need to make your event professional and memorable.

Creative and Digital Services

Take Your Event Further

Content Creation
Production and Content Creation

Content creation is only bound by imagination and we have the experience to design, develop, and deliver the WOW factor you want.

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Digital Signage
LED Walls and Digital Signage

Large LED walls and digital event signage provide an innovative way to deliver your content in a bold, eye-catching, and memorable display.

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IMS Concierge Services
IMS Concierge Services

Engage and immerse your audience with content management services, second screen technology, gamification, and more.

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IMS Content Concierge
Streaming Services

Whether you need overflow session streaming, webcasting, or video conferencing for your event, we have you covered.

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IMS - Event Staging and Production

Event Staging and Production

Event Staging and Production

Event Staging and Production

Markets We Serve

We work with a variety of types of clients and industries to support their event staging, production, and content creation needs:

Meeting and Event Planners+
Associations & Non-Profits+
Higher Education+
Pharmaceutical +
Professional Services+
Government and Politics+
Meeting and Event Venues+
Medical Education & Communications+

Trusted Source for Exhibit Services and Technical Enhancements


Providing one point of contact to coordinate all event production and show management details helps us expand upon our commitment to provide personal attention and a dedicated team, helping you save time, eliminate learning curves, and create more compelling events. Your account team will work with you to analyze and plan your exhibit needs and provide you with customized, cost-effective exhibit solutions to help you stand out on the exhibit floor and promote your products and services.

Audio systems
Free-standing or mounted video monitors
Exhibitor management and online ordering

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We Know How to Stage Events in Unique Philadelphia Venues

IMS is based out of our Garnet Valley, PA headquarters. Many of our clients are based in the Greater Philadelphia area and we have decades of experience in working in many unique venues in and around the city.

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Event AV and Production Checklist

IMS Technology Services

IMS Content Library

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IMS - Standardize Presenter AV and Equipment Requests

Event AV and Production Checklist

Preparing Speakers

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I tell the folks in Philly, who really don't know the "before IMS" meeting experience, that they don't know and can't appreciate how good we've got it . I think they understand, if not, I KNOW they appreciate what you and everyone on your team brings to the table. From the first review of my crazy spec sheet (that you guys actually understand!) to our wrap up call once the dust settles, the IMS Team is part of Our Team and for that I am deeply grateful.


Your veteran staff and valuable knowledge of the venue helped to relieve some of our stress that day. The sound could be clearly heard throughout the entire area and the participants really enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere that IMS helped to create.

American Cancer Society

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Looking for an alternative to in-house hotel AV?
Looking for an alternative to in-house hotel AV?

A Cutting-Edge Solution for Law Firm Partner Meeting
A Cutting-Edge Solution for Law Firm Partner Meeting