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Jill Renninger


Education: Widener University.

First Job: Administration in my Dad’s office.

Business Philosophy

Essential Business Philosophy: Never let customers down, whatever it takes! Proactively refine business operations and procedures to create a culture that is based on performance and accountability.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Attention to detail and maintain an excellent work ethic.

Yardstick of success: A family that is healthy, happy and secure.

Goal yet to be achieved: To help every IMS employee reach their fullest potential through effective professional development and training.

Judgment Calls

Best Decision: Hiring the right people for the right job. My greatest joy in business is to help our employees develop to their fullest potential.

Worst Decision: Hiring a person who lacked a good work ethic or was not the right person for the job, which consequently let down their fellow employees.

Toughest Decision: Returning to work full time and finding the balance between family and IMS.

Mentor: My parents who have lived the American Dream. They have achieved great personal and business success through hard work, honesty, and commitment. They instilled a belief that honesty and hard work are what a person is measured by.

Jill Renninger

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