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Ed Easley CTS-I, CQT

Director of Managed Services

Education: Holy Ghost Prep, Philadelphia Wireless

First Job: I created a business with my brother when I was nine where we would grocery shop for the older citizens in the community and deliver to their houses. This was my first experience deciding how much to charge for the service I was providing and valuing my worth on an hourly basis. This experience taught me a lot about customer expectations and money management.

First “Real” Job: Warehouse management at Spain’s Cards and Gifts. I learned how to keep product on the shelves and have the store full for customers as well as how important it was to keep the store and work area clean. In Operations, people may not be able to see what you do but they certainly notice when you leave even a small mess. Cleanliness proves to the customer that you care about their equipment and their workplace.

Business Philosophy

Essential Business Philosophy: How can we be better today than we were yesterday?

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Never stop learning. It is too easy to become complacent and render oneself obsolete. There is always something new to learn, a useful time saver, a new software, new styles of management, etc.

Yardstick of success: Returning customers. We use the term “Operational Brilliance” to express how our teams should present our best efforts each and every day for every customer. These efforts are evident to our client base and help to cement our partnerships.

Goal yet to be achieved: I am focused on improving my communication skills. Effective communication is critical in leadership positions so I have been taking courses and reading strategies for public speaking and better ways to deliver my message. I don’t think this is an “attainable goal” but I am working towards constant improvement.

Judgment Calls

Best Decision: Joining the IMS team. I had the opportunity to join IMS earlier in my career but the timing was not right. I joined at just the right time to help the company’s continued growth and IMS allowed me to put into practice some of my ideas and processes which helped expand that growth.

Worst Decision: Can there be a worst decision if it taught you a valuable lesson? If we are discussing poor decisions where I did not learn a lesson then I would say my worst decision was ignoring advice from my parents. I have squandered my chance to use them as a resource and there are many times when I wish they were still here to discuss life’s varied issues.

Toughest Decision: Giving up my job in order to return to school full time was a difficult choice but the correct choice in the long run. I have learned that short term goals rarely pay higher dividends than long term strategies.

Mentor: There are a few. My Father who taught me electronics from an early age and was always a pillar of support.. Neil Nielsen from Granada North America who taught me what makes a good manager as he was one of the best. Keith Moss who helped me to communicate in a different style and demonstrated how to manage staff in a more effective way.

Personal Interests: I enjoy spending time with family, going to concerts, billiards, playing poker, reading, playing guitar and learning new management techniques

Ed Easley CTS-I, CQT

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